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What’s Mala Element?

In collaboration with our beautiful friend Debbie Amelsvoort, we are bringing Mala Elements to Darwin. The essence of Bali’s magical islands captured in uncomplicated, everyday wearable jewellery, from the earth, for the soul, handmade by female artisans in Bali, Indonesia.

Product Description

The Ella bracelets in light & dark wood. The bracelets feature stunning 11mm to 13mm+ round, semi-round and circle South Sea Pearls set amongst native dark Agarwood or light fragrant Sandalwood.

Prices start from $260, every bracelet has a certificate of authenticity and comes with gorgeous packaging. 🎁

The pearls are sourced from Bali’s neighbouring island of Lombok, Internationally famous for its exceptional quality South Sea Pearls.

How To Buy?

Pop into Helmet Hair Studio, Tuesday to Saturday to see what’s in stock or to discuss your custom-designed Ella.